Be Reel Social


Ask Yourself: Do many people even know you exist? How can you be certain?

You may offer the very thing that someone is searching high and low for at this very moment, but how can you expect them to buy from you if they aren't AWARE that you're selling or what you're selling.  That's why brand and product awareness is an absolute essential when the goal is to have a sustainable business with growing sales. 

The 'Be Reel Social' package is a dynamic partnering of social media advertisement and video marketing. It's specifically created for local brands and businesses who are well aware of the fact that Video Content Marketing will forever be king and wish there was somehow they could implement it into their business. 

If you've not been able to find a local video production and marketing service, or a comfortable price point that allows you to get in the game, I have some good news for you -- today is the day, now is the time, and here is the perfect opportunity. 


○ Quickly creating brand and product awareness.

Building a following on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Selling your products online via social media advertisement.

Only spending money to reach the people who are most likely to take an interest in your content, product or service.

Being seen by hundreds to thousands of ideal customers for less than $100 and within a week's time, if desired.

Knowing the exact audience your marketing dollars are targeting and exactly how many of those people you reached based on  your desired budget.

Gaining insight on which content, product and/or service that does and doesn't sell well with your target audience.

And, since one size doesn't fit all...


Icebreaker \ Socializer \ Socialite

Starting at $279.99 (price includes initial ad budget)

Everyone Gets:

  • Promotional Video Shoot (green screen available at no additional cost)
  • Social Media Video Advertising Campaign
  • Ad Budget & Management
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Creation of Facebook Offer Ad
  • Creation of Facebook Event Page (if applicable)
  • Setup of Desired Social Media Pages

Upgrade to Get:

  • Additional promo shoots.
  • Additional social media video ad campaigns.
  • Social media audit for those with already existing social media pages.
  • Top 10 Instagram Hashtags to use specifically for your Brand/Business.
  • 30-Day Social Calendar of content ideas for your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.
  • Insight on how to go LIVE on all of your social media platforms.
  • Use of your email list to find people online who are similar to your existing customers.
  • And more.


If you have any questions about the Be Reel Social Package, or if you're ready to take the first step to getting started today, then please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.


Phone: (864) 365-7654 (Click to Call)

Wishing you the best!


*$279.99 is an introductory price so you can experience firsthand the value of the service. It is a flat fee; no additional charges apply; no hidden fees. Dealerships are not eligible to purchase this package. A payment plan is available for those who qualify. Qualification is based solely upon my discernment and discretion. Community service based nonprofits may receive a 30% discount off the regular price for the package. All other nonprofit organizations may receive a 20% discount off the regular price for the package. Discounts are good through 03/31/20.

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