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Sales Representative

The ideal candidate has above average organizational and communication skills, both verbal and written. They are an extremely detail-oriented and goal-oriented person who has superb social skills. He or she will play a major role in acquiring new business by fully understanding company services and presenting those services to potential clients, answering questions, following up with leads, and discussing pricing. More specifically, he or she will be responsible for:

  • Understanding our ideal clients and how they relate to our services.

  • Generating leads for new business.

  • Visiting clients and potential clients to evaluate needs or promote services.

  • Meeting or exceeding sales goals.

  • Delivering, Negotiating, and Retrieving all contracts with prospective clients.

  • Obtaining deposits and balance of payment from incoming clients.

To be successful and long-term in this role, you will need to have a positive mental attitude, strong work ethic, self-confident, great speaking voice (especially via phone), good vibes, a clear understanding of the sales process and dynamics, some successful past experience in sales, and be comfortable with using a computer for a variety of tasks, such as Zoom conference calls.


If you have no prior experience, then a bachelor's degree in Sales or Marketing will be required to be considered for an interview. This is an entry level position with a potential to earn 30% for every account acquired from your date of hire + a 10% bonus for every account acquired from your date of hire that remains a client for 6 months (this bonus repeats itself every 6 months) once you pass the 90-day evaluation period. Starting pay is 15% commission.


The person occupying this position will be given the opportunity to step into the role of Sales Manager for the company. Comprehensive training and development are provided to ensure every team member can be successful in a career path with the company. Additional bonuses and pay increase rate are based on merit and ability to consistently provide added value in your role through consistent growth and innovation.

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