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Already have some post out there but not fully pleased with their appearance? Feel like you had to use way too much time ( and brain power ) to come up with captions that you're still not even sure you like? No worries―we'll guide you through the process of sharing your brand through more compelling words and visuals.


— Guidance crafting the visual layout for your social media pages.​

— Initial optimization of Facebook and Instagram page.

— Monthly Instagram page audit and makeover.​

— Help brainstorming content ideas (visuals and captions).​

— Instagram and Facebook tutorials (i.e. "how to" and "best practices").​

— Lookbook for staging photographs of your product(s).​

— Advise on how to scale both Instagram and Facebook.



Want us to create the look and feel for your brand online? Consider it done! While we're at it, we'll also build your online following, boost your engagement, and further push your brand messaging.


— Content gathering with professional level photographs. 

— Scheduling of your posts in advance.

— Instagram page makeover and optimization.

— Monthly social calendar for both Facebook and Instagram with a clearly defined post cadence.

— Appropriate responses to messages and comments on your social media pages (pre-drafted and/or automated on your behalf).

— Promotion of monthly in-store events and sales.



Looking for a way to quickly create brand and product awareness? Social ads are the way to go! Just set your budget, and we'll make sure you're only spending money to reach the people who are most likely to take an interest in your content, product, or service. We do this by executing precision ad targeting in combination with our ability to accomplish impressively large organic (non-paid) reach.


— Paid ad presence on Facebook and Instagram​.

— Creation of all the ad copy for your ads to include brand messaging.

— One FREE promotional video shoot (with green screen available); and a set rate for additional video shoot(s).​

— Getting your brand seen by hundreds to thousands of ideal customers daily.​

— Promotion of monthly in-store events and sales.​

— Selling your products or services online via social media advertisement.

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