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This policy goes into effect for all current and future clients as of 11/21/2021.


Monthly Digital Marketing Services

Venture and Vision clients who are on an ongoing monthly service agreement may cancel their agreement, with 30 days prior written notice via email.  Please be made aware that Venture and Vision does not generate a prorated monthly payment for the final billing of the final month; and is available to perform all works as normal during the 30-day cancellation period; and the client will be charged per usual for any and all work done during the 30-day cancellation period. Therefore, it is best for the client to plan to cancel on schedule with their billing cycle. 


If for any reason we are not able to collect your final payment then we will reach out to provide a friendly reminder and assisting you with any questions and concerns regarding your billing. If for any reason we do not receive payment for your final bill as agreed and you fail to set up an agreeable payment arrangement within 15 days of us attempting to make arrangements, then it will be assumed that you have intentions to abandon your final bill, and all monies owed will be placed into collections and further necessary legal remedies will be pursued to collect payment.

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