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Marketing Assistant

The ideal candidate has above average organizational and communication skills, both verbal and written. They are an extremely detail-oriented and goal-oriented person who has a basic understanding of marketing, advertising, and sales strategy. He or she will concept, manage, and execute Digital Advertisement projects as assigned by the Marketing Director and play a major role in aiding clients with:

  • development & execution of digital marketing material

  • online branding (i.e., social media management)

  • digital advertising, (i.e., search engine marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing)

  • development & execution of product promotion and sales events


To be successful and long-term in this role, you will need to have some previous experience in sales, marketing, or advertising. If you have no prior experience, then a Bachelor's degree in Marketing or Communications will be required to be considered for an interview. This is an entry level position with a potential to earn $15/hour after a 90-day evaluation period. Starting pay is $12/hour. Comprehensive training and development are provided to ensure every team member can be successful in a career path with the company. Bonuses and pay increase rate are based on merit and ability to consistently provide added value in your role.

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